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Introducing the newest gondola shelving now being manufactured by Regalia Fixtures.  They come in two colors antique white and black, but we can customize the paint according to your needs. We also manufacture “Hypermaxi.” This is strong shelving that goes on top of the regular gondola shelving. Call us today for more information.

Great Selection of Shopping Carts & Shopping Baskets

Improve your store’s shopping experience by offering our shopping carts and shopping baskets to your customers. Ideal for retail stores, supermarkets, delis, bodegas, and anywhere where carrying assistance comes in handy. These not only save your customers energy and time, but it will also grow your sales. They ship ready to use, no assembly nessesary.
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Some of our services include…

We are your one stop shop for all your shelving and store setup needs.  From laying out the most ideal floor plan for your space and customers, to customizing the exact look and shelving preferences to the final installation process, we work with business owners hand and hand throughout the process.

Gondola Shelving

Custom Manufacturing

Pharmacy Units

Shopping Cart Customization

Floor Plan Design

Custom Showcases

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Whether you’re planning on opening up a new store, our team is here to help you every step of the way.